Ambien is a sedative class drug, with efficient results in treating insomnia in patients of various ages. A highly efficient yet very strong sedative, which cannot be used without a doctor’s prescription and after a close medical examination. Your doctor will determine if Ambien is the right sedative for your problems, and patients are advised to always follow professional recommendations before using such drugs.
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Precautions Ahead of Using Ambien

If you know that you suffer from allergies, always tell your doctor about them. That way he will be able to determine the right dosage and the right plan according to your general health and your body condition. If you are planning on consuming alcohol, never take Ambien as it may lead to unwanted negative side effects if combined with alcohol. And the same thing applies to any other drugs that may interact with Zolpidem (the active substance in Ambien).

Never take Ambien at an increased rate or in higher doses than prescribed. Such actions will inevitably lead to unwanted side effects, which in some cases may be severe or even fatal. Make sure to contact your doctor if you consider increasing the dose, and also let him know in case you took a higher dose or you increased the frequency of pill administration. It’s the only solution for you to stay safe in case some side effects occur.

Before taking Ambien make sure that you do not have long driving trips planned, nor planned work or other physical activities. One of the most common side effects that Ambien causes are lack of memory and sleepiness. Ambien is not approved for personal younger than 18 years old, and for pregnant women, Ambien must be prescribed with caution.

Ambien Side Effects

While most sedatives are considered safe drugs, with few side effects affecting less than 5% of users, in case of an increased dose or an overdose, certain changes might affect your body and your mind. Among the most common side effects of taking Ambien are:

  • Sleepiness;
  • Lack of memory;
  • Loss of coordination;
  • Nausea;
  • Constipation;
  • Throat irritation;

While these are common side effects, mostly affecting persons who do not follow the exact requirements of the treatment with Ambien, users must always be aware of any sudden change in their normal state. Always call your doctor if such side effects occur for longer periods of frequently. It may be a sign that you are allergic to the active substance in Ambien, and your doctor may feel the need to change your treatment with an alternative drug.

As for the severe side effects, which are rare but quite dangerous, users must be aware that Ambien, if used in inappropriate modes and in high doses can lead to:

  • Chest pain;
  • Irregular heartbeat;
  • Trouble breathing;
  • Hard swallowing;

Make sure to contact the emergency services the second you feel such side effects affecting your health and normal state. Make sure to follow directions and immediately stop taking Ambient. Also, drinking water might help in delaying the effects and helping you reach for medical assistance in safety. Ambien must never be taken by ear or in high doses, it’s the best recommendation to avoid possible severe side effects.

How Long Does Ambien Stay in The Blood System?

Ambien is known to provide optimal effect for almost 3 to 5 hours after administration. However, this period of time can differ from person to person depending on their weight, general medical state, and other factors. The time it takes the drug to be removed from your body also depends from person to person, although studies have shown that Ambien is never active in your blood system for more than 11 hours. So, keep that in mind whenever calculating your next dose, and always be aware that these periods of time can vary! However, depending on the body type, weight, and general health, the effect may last longer or shorter. It’s best to keep a stat of your whole treatment plan to better understand how Ambien works for you and also help your doctor prescribe future drugs.

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