We pledge 3% of total sales to our local communities. True gifts of gold take many forms, and our support doesn’t stop at just money.

We are committed to empowering entrepreneurs through our franchise and mentorship programs. Many of our entrepreneurs come from minority communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. We host educational events with local politicians to make the legal application process accessible. We commit training, capital, and hustle to our entrepreneurs’ growth. We know that sometimes, all it takes is having someone believe in your potential to make a flower bloom.

In our stores, you might notice the stacks of blank notes on our shelves. If a customer is feeling particularly inspired, we encourage them to write positive messages of affirmation. At the end of each month, we distribute their notes to random strangers on the street, sharing their love with the wider world. It only takes a small act of kindness to turn someone’s day into gold.

We encourage each of our team members to find and embrace their own version of “treat everyone like gold.” From feeding the homeless to organizing clothing donation drives, Elev8 teams across the country are finding new ways to uplift their communities each day.

We are grateful to you and all of our communities. Help us elevate the human spirit by treating everyone like gold—because to be elevated is to be alive, not simply living.


Community Update

Elev8’s CEO, Seun Adedeji, talks about our efforts to revitalize our local communities in Massachusetts.

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