Our Growth Strategy

We have a window of opportunity to build an enduring brand as cannabis becomes increasingly commoditized and customers are receptive to forming new relationships within this unprecedented category. Our growth strategy is focused on winning new markets, scaling by brand licensing, and gaining preference through social equity qualification.

New Markets
We focus on newly available cannabis markets with more restrictions on licensing. This gives us a greater opportunity to build our brand with consumers, and avoids the capital inefficiency of oversaturated markets.

Border Towns
We strategically position our stores in border towns to get the most value out of cannabis tourism. Exposing our brand to a wider market early on reaps further rewards down the line. Locations off the beaten path provide a higher return on investment.

Social Equity
We offer a path into the industry to the individuals most impacted by cannabis prohibition, and we benefit from state programs that subsidize license acquisition. This preference factor allows us to expand faster.

Brand Licensing
By allowing dispensaries to use our name, we scale our brand faster, decrease our capital requirements, and limit our downside exposure. These stores own 100% of their licenses, but pay us a percentage of their revenue to benefit from our brand and operational best practices.

Investment Opportunities by State

We offer investment opportunities on a national and state-by-state basis. Below are some opportunities in the states we are launching or expanding in soon.

• Massachusetts
• Illinois
• Michigan

Open a Store
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